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Everybody deserves access to capital

LIIF’s Strategic Plan prompted our development of the Impact-Risk-Profitability Framework, to center racial equity in our lending business.

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Racial Equity: Access, Outcomes, Power and Agency

Flexible and favorable capital to historically excluded communities.

The IRP Framework will allow us to better balance impact considerations, repayment risk, and financial return in decision-making in lending. Our long-term goal is for our portfolio to optimally balance impact, risk, and financial sustainability, and to identify where we can mobilize and apply more flexible capital for the highest-impact projects and borrowers that are advancing racial equity. Our IRP Framework is changing how we make lending decisions, changing how we use our power as a financial intermediary to match the most flexible, favorable capital with the community development projects and practitioners that are making the most progress on racial equity.

Our efforts continue to repair the long history of inequitable systems and financial institutions excluding Black, Latino, and other people and communities of color.

LIIF President Kimberly Latimer-Nelligan

Racial Equity Tiers

LIIF’s Impact Scorecard uses our Racial Equity Tiers and Dimensions of Impact to determine which community development practitioners and projects are increasing access, driving positive outcomes, and building power and agency for Black and Latino communities, and other communities of color.

Dimensions of Impact

The Impact Scorecard assesses projects, borrowers/sponsors and loans along multiple Dimensions of Impact to identify which lending opportunities have the greatest potential to advance racial equity and uplift historically excluded communities.

Power and Agency

The ownership and stewardship of property play a decisive role in determining who has a seat at the table and the ability to influence the future. Our Impact Scorecard assesses whether power and agency are built and delivered to historically marginalized communities.

Our Commitment to Leveraging our Resources

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