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Our priorities

Our North Star is the creation of opportunities in historically excluded communities — for generations to come. Our focus is on Black, Latino, and other people and communities of color.

Strong strategies, strong communities

We’re creating communities of opportunity, equity and well-being.

As a community development financial institution (CDFI), we believe that communities of opportunity, equity and well-being provide residents with affordable housing and high-quality early care and education. There should be good jobs and the ability to live healthy, active lives. Strong communities foster a sense of belonging, value and civic engagement.

Affordable Housing

Our team consists of practiced experts in the affordable housing industry. Dedicated to our mission of racial equity, we offer financial, investment and development advisory services to our partners to provide best-in-class syndication services for investors and nonprofit developers.

Early Care and Education

Our child care providers join families as our young one’s first teachers. No matter their ZIP code, every child deserves to be set off on a path to success, and that starts with high-quality, affordable early care and education.

Impact-Risk-Profitability (IRP) Framework

Our IRP Framework is changing how we make lending decisions and how a CDFI uses its power as a financial intermediary to match the most flexible, favorable capital with the community development projects and practitioners that are making the most progress on racial equity.

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