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Partner with LIIF — a renowned national CDFI engaged in lending, grant-making and technical assistance — as we together drive capital into historically excluded communities. LIIF’s insistence on rigorous lending practices and internal controls has made it one of the field’s most outstanding examples of strong financial management and portfolio performance.

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We showcase an enviable, solid record of financial health.

S&P affirmed LIIF’s “A” Stable rating. Additionally, in the most recent assessment by AERIS, the only third-party analyst of CDFIs, LIIF maintained a Four Stars ✦✦✦✦ AAA Policy Plus rating. This rating continues a trend of the past two decades. These ratings signify LIIF being a fiscally sound CDFI best positioned to weather any vicissitudes in the nation’s overall economic and financial markets.

LIIF has demonstrated stable balance-sheet strength, allowing it to sustain operations through somewhat volatile markets. We believe LIIF’s strategic initiatives have and will continue to lead to stabilized financial ratios and will position the organization to maintain its credit quality even during a downturn.

S&P FY23 “A” Stable rating

The CDFI has exceptional alignment of its impact mission, strategies, activities and data that guide its lending, programs and planning. It fully and effectively uses its resources, both directly and indirectly, in pursuit of its impact mission.

Aeris Rating, LIIF’s Impact Management Performance
Four Stars ✦✦✦✦ AAA Policy Plus FY22

Available only from Aeris

The sky’s the limit when you invest with LIIF

Four key reasons to invest with us:

  1. An excellent vehicle for social investment and social return;
  2. A safe investment managed with private-sector discipline;
  3. A strong, and consistently increasing, net worth; and
  4. Solid bang for the buck with self-sufficient core lending activities.

An investment in LIIF serves the significant unmet demand for flexible, affordable capital, taking into consideration both the needs of the community and you, the investor.

Invest in Our Revolving Loan Fund or One of Our Specialized Funds

Invest directly into LIIF’s Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), which our CDFI uses as its primary pool of capital for community development loans. Or invest in one of our specialized funds with catalytic capital. The RLF has a well-diversified base of funding sources. An investment in the RLF provides high levels of lending productivity, a commitment to historically excluded communities, and excellent portfolio and management performance. Through our RLF, investments with LIIF are continually deployed in the service of community development projects.

LIIF is a private, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization under the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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