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Everyone in the United States should benefit from living in a community of opportunity, equity and well-being.

Capital is our greatest vehicle for impact

The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) is a nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) that mobilizes capital and partnerships to create more equitable access to opportunity for all. We focus on Black, Latino, and other people and communities of color whose opportunities have been limited by exclusionary policies and practices. We invest, partner and advocate based on our belief that high-quality affordable housing, early care and education, educational opportunities, good jobs and access to health care are key to individuals’ and communities’ well-being.

We forged a strategic partnership with Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) and National Affordable Housing Trust (NAHT), leveraging a shared commitment to racial equity. This mission alignment makes us even better equipped to build, protect and preserve affordable homes for historically excluded communities across the country.

LIIF is driving $5 billion in investments to advance racial equity (2020-2030)

Our innovative capital strategies include financing tools and grants for our focus areas of affordable housing, early care and education, and community facilities. Our innovative programs are complemented by strong partnerships that create strong communities.

Need flexible capital? LIIF is your real estate lender of choice

CDFIs were created to fill capital gaps left by the mainstream financial system. LIIF’s real estate lending tools provide products for affordable housing, early care and education and community facilities. We work with mission-aligned partners and are developing the IRP framework to guide our lending.

Expansive approach to bringing capital and capacity to the early care and education sector

Investing in early care and education (ECE) is an investment in strong communities and a vibrant economy. A thriving ECE sector produces a triple halo effect in communities: high-quality early education for children; thriving small businesses; and economic opportunity for families. We provide fund management, capacity-building and advisory services.

Forging relationships, deepening community connections

We complement our capital strategies with programs and partnerships that allow us to better understand the needs and desires of people and communities of color. LIIF leverages our capital and capacity in a manner that respects the agency of, and honors the existing solutions and assets within, communities.

Our Impact

$3.5 billion

invested in communities

2.5 million

people served



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