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LIIF Submits Comment Letter on Capital Magnet Fund to CDFI Fund

Responding to the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund)’s Request for Information (RFI) around the Capital Magnet Fund (CMF), LIIF has submitted a comment letter. The CDFI Fund’s latest RFI will help to enhance and increase the impact of CMF, streamline or minimize the administrative burden on CMF Applicants and Award Recipients, as well as safeguard public funds.

It should be noted that LIIF’s former CEO and President Nancy Andrews was a thought leader in the industry who shaped capital programs for CDFIs. Her work greatly influenced federal policy, including the creation of CMF. As a national CDFI –- and a CMF applicant and awardee -– LIIF appreciated the opportunity to share insights that will help to strengthen the program.  

Read LIIF’s comment letter.

CMF Fact Sheet.

LIIF recognizes the CMF program as an important vehicle for ensuring all communities have access to the financial resources that advance affordable housing and economic development activities. 

LIIF comment letter