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Therapeutic Child Care Center Opens in Washington, D.C. to Offer Free and Sliding-Scale Care

For 30 years, Kidspace has offered care and education to children of families experiencing financial or psychological stress. Thanks to a $7 million fundraising campaign, of which LIIF was a part, the center has opened in a new space in DC, where it will eventually be able to double the number of children served to 88.

The project was supported by LIIF through a DC Access to Quality Child Care Expansion (A2Q) grant of $320,000, as well as an A2Q Relief Grant of $89,000 to help close the fundraising gap for their playground after the original funder pulled out as a result of COVID-19. The A2Q program is supported by a generous partnership with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).

Kidspace is owned and operated by House of Ruth, a nonprofit that supports families dealing with domestic violence and other trauma such as housing insecurity. The center offers free care and education to families in need and sliding scale care for neighborhood families. In addition to education, Kidspace offers occupational, speech and physical therapy.

The brightly colored, new building sits on a hill in view of the Capitol. A playground, library and new classrooms welcomed a smaller group of children when it opened in September 2020.

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