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ACE Charter School (ACE) is committed to improving opportunity for underserved students in the Mayfair neighborhood of San Jose, one of the poorest areas in the city. Of the 370 students ACE educates in 5th-8th grades in 2011, 95% qualify for free and reduced-price lunch, 75% are English Language Learners, primarily from Spanish-speaking households, and 11% have learning disabilities. ACE is truly a part of its community and has developed a strong network of local community organizations, active parents and community leaders. This high-level of community involvement is critical to the success of ACE’s strategy to recruit incoming students who have fallen behind grade level and change their academic trajectory. LIIF’s financing helped ACE to build a new middle school from the ground up, which enabled ACE to grow to its capacity by 100 to serve 470 students in a 19,680-square-foot building. The campus created seven new jobs for ACE employees, including additional teachers, administrators and support staff, in addition to 40 construction jobs while the school was built.

Project Details

470 students served
$3.75 million construction financing

  • City of San Jose

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