Booth Memorial Child Development Center

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The Booth Memorial Child Development Center serves 63 children, ages 0-5 in Oakland, California. Through the Child Care Facilities Fund program in Alameda, supported by First 5 Alameda/Every Child Counts, LIIF provided grant funding to revamp their facilities. This support enabled the Booth Center to make improvements to their indoor classroom and utilize an outside area that had previously fallen into disrepair as classroom and outdoor play space. LIIF also supported the center in installing a garden on the facility to grow healthy food for the center’s children and families. The Booth Center is part of The Salvation Army campus in Oakland and provides quality, free care to local low income families.

In this video, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, watch how LIIF’s investment helped renovate the Booth Center, improve the health of the children and staff and stablize the center’s finances.

Project Details

63 children served
$70,000 Child Care Facilities Fund improvement grants
  • First 5 Alameda

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