Transit-Oriented Development Policy

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Living near easy, affordable transportation and neighborhood services is a recognized advantage for people at all income levels, but high demand combined with the high cost of developing TOD projects often means projects are developed for higher income clients. LIIF is working with philanthropic and public sector partners to support equitable TOD projects and ensure the benefits of TOD do not skip low-income communities. As part of this effort, LIIF also advocates for the inclusion of essential services, such as child care facilities and schools, near TOD sites to build strong, sustainable local economies.

TOD Fund

LIIF encourages policymakers to support federal transportation and community development investments that ensure access to transit for low-wealth communities. Specifically, LIIF supports the creation of a pilot program at the Department of Transportation to support CDFI investments in TOD projects. Such a pilot program could allow CDFIs to aggregate smaller TOD projects in a pooled loan model to help facilitate the flow of capital into low-income communities.