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Residents of low income communities are more likely to live, attend school and work in older, less energy-efficient buildings. This results in higher utility costs and negative health and environmental outcomes. LIIF’s green finance program invests in projects that make buildings, such as multifamily homes, schools and other community facilities, more energy efficient. LIIF’s program fills a much-needed gap by providing front-end grant and loan capital for retrofits. By reducing utility costs and enhancing people’s surroundings, LIIF’s green investments improve the environment, save families and building owners money and produce positive health benefits for residents.


Greener, more resource-efficient buildings provide environmental, health and cost-saving benefits to building owners and occupants. LIIF’s approach to encouraging green development and reducing carbon emissions in distressed neighborhoods recognizes that building owners and occupants must have access to self-sustaining, scalable financing solutions.
Community Capital for Green Facilities
Grants for Green Facilities


LIIF has committed $50 million to green buildings in low income communities over the next three years. Through this commitment, LIIF has financed green projects across its program areas bringing the benefits of green buildings to low income families.
Examples of LIIF’s Green Projects


LIIF supports policies that encourage green development in low income communities, where building stocks are older or developers may not be as experienced with green building practices.
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