Grants for Child Care

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LIIF supports quality early care and education programs through capital grants for facilities development and improvements in California and New York. In addition, LIIF provides operators who may be unfamiliar with facilities development and maintenance with pre-financing technical support and capacity building. Read below for more information about our child care grants. Depending on the project, LIIF can also provide loan capital for child care facilities development or improvements.

For more information about our work to increase access to affordable, quality child care, read about our Child Care Program.

Child Care Grant Products

Child Care Facilities Fund

The Child Care Facilities Fund (CCFF) is an award-winning, public-private collaboration that provides capital and capacity building support for center- and family-based child care facilities in the City of San Francisco. CCFF offers grants for child care providers to create, enhance and preserve quality child care spaces.
More information about CCFF

California Preschool Energy Efficiency Program

The California Preschool Energy Efficiency Program (CPEEP) helps center-based child care and preschool facilities in the Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric service areas be healthier, greener and save money on energy bills: all for free.
More information about CPEEP