Capital for Green Facilities

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LIIF’s encourages green development and the reduction of carbon emissions in distressed neighborhoods by providing building owners and occupants with access to self-sustaining, scalable financing solutions. LIIF’s green financing encourages green building practices and helps building owners to offset the costs of energy efficiency retrofits. Read below for our community capital products supporting green facilities.

LIIF is also piloting new financing products to support enhanced energy efficiency in affordable multifamily housing projects. Through partnerships with partners such as Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future and the California Housing Partnership, LIIF is exploring new tools including energy retrofits for HUD-assisted multifamily properties nationally and on-bill payment programs in California. For more information about work to ensure low income communities see the benefits of going green, read about our Green Financing Program.

Green Financing Products

Revolving Loan Fund

Through its RLF, LIIF provides acquisition, construction and term financing for affordable homes, schools and other community facilities serving low income communities. Projects incorporating green building elements, energy and water efficiency retrofits or LEED certification may enhance the borrower’s profile and eligibility for financing. For more information, visit our Affordable Housing Community Capital, Education Community Capital and Child Care Community Capital pages.