How We Do It

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LIIF partners with leading public and private sector institutions and community organizations to connect low income communities with the capital markets. LIIF uses its financial acumen and disciplined approach to capital raising and deployment to invest in economic development projects in underserved communities.

Our Model

Community development requires local communities, public entities and private investors to work together in ways few other sectors do. LIIF’s role, like other CDFIs, is to serve as the bridge between these various groups and channel capital into projects that serve low income communities.

At its most basic level, LIIF raises capital from public and private sources and deploys that capital into projects that benefit low income people. The result is that LIIF is able to return financial benefits to investors, while maximizing social benefits for distressed communities.

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Our Investments

Our core markets are home to 50% of the nation’s poor and have some of the highest costs of living in the world. When deploying capital into these communities, LIIF identifies projects that create the greatest economic opportunities for low income people and, then, works tirelessly to create capital solutions that ensure the project’s success.

LIIF works closely with its community development partners to understand the economics of a project and helps to catalyze public- and private-sector involvement. LIIF has a six-to-one leverage ratio, meaning that for every dollar LIIF loans, more than $6 of additional investment is made in the low income communities where we work. The results of our investments are demonstrated by Our Impact.