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LIIF is a leading national CDFI engaged in lending, grant making and technical assistance with the mission of alleviating poverty. LIIF’s insistence on rigorous lending practices and internal controls has made it one of the field’s most outstanding examples of strong financial management and portfolio performance.

In the most recent assessment by AERIS, the only third-party analyst of CDFIs, LIIF received an “AAA+ 1” rating. This score represents the highest Impact Performance Rating of AAA with a Policy Plus. LIIF also achieves exceptional community impact through its investments.

Why Partner with LIIF

An investment in LIIF serves the significant unmet demand for flexible, affordable capital that take into consideration both the needs of the community, as well as the investor. LIIF offers investors:

  • An excellent vehicle for social investment and social return;
  • A safe investment managed with private sector discipline;
  • A strong, and consistently increasing, net worth; and
  • Solid bang for the buck with self-sufficient core lending activities.

How to Invest in LIIF

Investors can invest directly into LIIF’s Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), which LIIF uses as its primary pool of capital for community development loans. The RLF has a well-diversified base of funding sources. An investment in the RLF provides high levels of lending productivity, a commitment to the most impoverished people and communities and excellent portfolio and management performance. Through LIIF’s RLF, investments with LIIF are continually deployed in the service of community development projects.

Contact: Kim Latimer-Nelligan, President,

LIIF has expertise in managing community development lending capital and structuring large transactions for organizations interested in achieving social investment returns. LIIF packages permanent and interim financing for conventional lenders through formal capital set-asides and ad hoc transactions through participations.

Contact: Kim Latimer-Nelligan, President,

LIIF is a recognized market leader in partnering with public and private entities to structure and manage loan funds. LIIF’s experience includes pooled funds for transit-oriented developments in California and healthy foods financing in New York. LIIF is also able to leverage its extensive network of CDFI, banking and philanthropic partners as necessary to support fund development.

Contact: Kim Latimer-Nelligan, President,

LIIF is not actively raising funds through our Impact Note program. Please contact Tyler Jackson, Impact Investment Officer, to be notified when the offering is reopened.

Contact: Tyler Jackson, Impact Investment Officer,

Grant support to LIIF provides high social impact for a donor’s philanthropic dollar. For each dollar LIIF lends, $6 of additional investment are put to work in distressed communities. LIIF’s current supporters represent the leaders in community and economic development, who invest with LIIF because of its mission-focused approach and its track record of innovating new ways to help low income people become part of the economic mainstream.

Contact: Jessica Standiford, Vice President, Development and Impact Investing

LIIF is a private, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization under the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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