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LIIF's Joe Fretwell Publishes Report on the Economics and State of Child Care in South Dakota

LIIF’s Joe Fretwell has published an in-depth report on the economics and state of child care in South Dakota. This paper, entitled “Too Expensive, and Not Expensive Enough: Investing in Child Care to Strengthen South Dakota’s Economy,” includes outputs of a financial model for assessing the capacity of child care providers to increase pay for staff and qualify for debt for facilities projects. Policy recommendations are included on strategies South Dakota could take to improve business operations and bolster financial sustainability of the early care and education sector.

Read the report.

How might the outlook for child care change if breaking even was a guarantee? What if the real work of state government, philanthropy, business and other funders was incentivizing innovation and best practice, not just keeping the sector afloat?

LIIF ECE Advisory Services Manager Joe Fretwell
Early Care and Education