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LIIF's Stephanie McFadden Part of Urban Land Institute Magazine Roundtable on Affordable Housing

In this Urban Land Institute article, experts discuss the growing crisis of housing attainability for lower- and middle-income households across the United States, including ways the private and public sectors could help increase housing production, preserve existing affordable housing, and give more people access to housing; strategies for encouraging communities to accept more housing construction; and other related trends. LIIF’s Stephanie McFadden was invited to the roundtable.

Read article here.

The discourse on affordable and attainable housing shifted during the pandemic and beyond as interest rates rose and inflation became a significant issue. Mainstream media reported in a deeper way on housing issues, including racial equity, eviction and the unhoused. This allowed the conversation to get more refined.

LIIF Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer Stephanie McFadden
Affordable Housing