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TA Hub Launches, Meeting Need for Comprehensive Online Site for New York City Home-Based Child Care Providers

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TA Hub Launches, Meeting Need for Comprehensive Online Site for New York City Home-Based Child Care Providers
Offering free, culturally responsive digital platform focused on historically excluded communities 

NEW YORK (April 7, 2023) — A collective of early care and learning partners – Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), All Our Kin, ParentChild+ and Ramapo for Children – have announced the launch of the TA Hub ( Officially named Family Child C.A.R.E. NYC, this comprehensive online resource offers free, culturally responsive technical assistance (TA) in any of the five boroughs of New York City. The focus is on home-based family child care providers of color, who are often from and serve historically excluded communities. TA Hub is supported by the Early Childhood Partners NYC at The New York Community Trust.

The mission of TA Hub, created based on needs assessed via multiple community member surveys, is to offer “providers access to a robust and diverse set of supports so their business can thrive, their programs continuously improve, and more children and families have access to quality care.” With the nation, and New York City, emerging from the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, there is an urgent need for more workers to join the economy. According to a Jan. 9, 2023 Forbes article,“ by December last year, unemployment rates were reported to reach lows that were only seen before the pandemic.” High-quality, affordable child care is key to allowing more potential employees to rejoin the workforce. 

“New York City’s home-based child care educators play a critical role in ensuring thousands of the City’s youngest children learn, grow and thrive. They are also business owners operating 10-12 hours a day on tight margins while also doing bookkeeping, maintaining health and safety standards, and meeting payroll,” said Michelle Paige, Executive Director at Mayor’s Office of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.Now more than ever, family child care providers need an individualized, comprehensive resource to support their sustainability and grow the sector. That’s why the Mayor’s Office of Child Care and Early Childhood Education is thrilled to share the great news about Family Child C.A.R.E NYC – a new, free technical assistance hub designed to meet the unique needs of family child care educators and operators through business, administrative, wellness and child development supports.” 

There is a four-pronged process to the TA Hub user experience:

  1. Intake. An intake form will categorize provider needs to identify areas of support to strengthen child care businesses.  
  2. Identification. Based on the child care client intake form, LIIF, serving as TA Hub coordinator, will identify the partner organization(s) that will provide TA. 
  3. Service Plan. LIIF initiates the service plan and sends to designated partnering organization(s), with an anticipated response to provider within 48-72 hours. 
  4. Feedback. Once service is completed, the provider will receive a feedback survey to rate experience. These surveys will be integral to the continued streamlining of TA Hub to best meet any changing needs of New York City child care providers. 

LIIF is honored to have partnered with mission-aligned organizations so that we collectively support early care and education providers in New York City. We look forward to showcasing the impact of this free online resource so we can best meet the needs of the community and scale LIIF’s efforts in the child care sector.

LIIF President Kimberly Latimer-Nelligan

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this project, which recognizes the intrinsic need to support family child care educators as both early learning experts and small business owners,” said Jessica Sager, co-founder and CEO at All Our Kin. “New York City is a big city, and educators need a variety of resources to help them thrive. Family Child C.A.R.E. NYC will fill a crucial need for educators and families as we emerge from the pandemic and create high-quality child care options.”   

“PC+ is incredibly excited to be part of the first of its kind NYC TA Hub to support family child care providers who support the city’s workforce and children.  We know child care providers work tirelessly to provide responsive, loving care to the next generation of professionals, our children and the current generation of professionals, their parents and family members,” said Vidya Ragoo, National Director, Home-Based Child Care Initiative at ParentChild+. “We are thrilled to be able to support them – the caregivers who really make the magic of this city happen. They deserve the respect, admiration, applause and pay that recognizes their contribution to our city’s status and well-being. With the Family Child C.A.R.E. NYC partnership, I hope they feel that their voices are heard and that there is a city resource responding to their needs.  I also hope that more agencies are willing to support our city’s caregivers.” 

“Child care is an essential service in New York City, and we are happy to be a partner in Family Child C.A.R.E. NYC with these amazing organizations,” said Sabrina Evans-Ellis, Executive Director at Ramapo NYC. “Family Child Care providers are part of the backbone of NYC, and we are honored to provide technical assistance support in helping them create safe, engaging spaces for our city’s youngest children and their families. We are grateful to the Early Childhood Partners at New York Community Trust for their support of this initiative.”

TA Hub officially launched on April 7, 2023. Child care providers needing additional assistance on how to best access the site may contact (332) 230-2757 or 


About TA Hub
Officially named Family Child C.A.R.E. NYC, the mission of TA Hub is to offer providers access to a robust and diverse set of supports so their business can thrive, their programs continuously improve, and more children and families have access to quality care. 

About the Low Income Investment Fund
Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) is a national community development financial institution (CDFI), headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., that invests in communities of opportunity, equity and well-being. As a CDFI, LIIF supports projects that have high social value but lack access to traditional financial institutions. Since 1984, LIIF has deployed more than $3.2 billion to serve 2.5 million people in communities across the country from its five offices. An S&P-rated organization, LIIF funds healthy communities by providing innovative capital solutions.      

About All Out Kin
All Our Kin is a national nonprofit organization that trains, supports, and sustains family child care educators. Their innovative model results in a triple win: child care providers succeed as business owners, parents have flexible, high-quality care for their children; and children are given the foundations needed to succeed. Through Family Child C.A.R.E. NYC, All Our Kin helps expand the supply of family child care availability for families, offering a toolkit for family child care educators to pursue licensure, providing business training to educators, and supporting providers as they deepen and expand their expertise in early childhood education. 

About ParentChild+
ParentChild+ engages early in life, using education to support young children and their parents and caregivers in accessing a path to possibility. In marginalized communities, community-based Early Learning Specialists (ELSs) work with parents and Family Child Care (FCC) providers to build social-emotional skills, educational opportunities and close the equity gap. ParentChild+’s proven culturally relevant two-generation approach effectively builds community and caregiver supports for quality early childhood education leading to economic empowerment today and tomorrow. Through Family Child C.A.R.E. NYC, ParentChild+ provides relevant, tailored support to family child care providers and the families and children they care for. This approach is embedded in the context of their community and care environment. This unique model supports school readiness and quality adult-child interaction in home-based child care settings by visiting providers during the day while the children are present. It provides coaching in strengthening responsive and nurturing relationships, and support in creating a learning environment that responds to the needs of multi-aged young children and in engaging families in home practices that promote school readiness. 

About Ramapo for Children
Ramapo for Children, founded in 1922, creates inclusive environments that foster social and emotional development and help support mental health, learning, and personal growth of young people. Our approach equips educators, youth workers, caregivers, and youth of all ages with the skills they need to build trusting relationships and just, caring communities, to dismantle barriers to participation, and improve continuously through reflective practices. Through direct-service programs and tailored professional development, Ramapo helps adults create environments that support learning and success for all young people. Ramapo’s offerings for family child care providers build capacity to support children with a wide range of needs and behaviors, including those with disabilities. 


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