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LIIF and JPMorgan Chase are excited to announce the second round of EQT – a new way to invest in social change. EQT is a social capital product that provides flexible, low-cost financing to support and incentivize integrative, outcomes-driven solutions to poverty. The first three investments from EQT – made in 2016 – accelerated neighborhood transformation efforts of large-scale public housing in San Francisco and Los Angeles, neighborhood revitalization in Cincinnati, and a New Orleans community still rebuilding a decade after Hurricane Katrina. With the successful completion of the first round of EQT, LIIF and JPMorgan Chase launched a second round in 2020. This is the first investment for the Accelerator Initiative, a larger multi-million dollar commitment by LIIF to provide a range of flexible capital solutions to accelerate the completion of Purpose Built Communities network sites across the U.S.

Read more about the Grove Park Foundation and the second round of EQT.

Product Details

  • $6 million capital pool
  • Up to 10-year financing
  • High social return and modest financial return to investors
  • Projects support mixed-income housing, K-12 education, and early childhood education

Pilot Partners

BRIDGE Housing

Location: San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA
Project: Potrero Terrace & Annex and Jordan Downs
BRIDGE’s EQT financing will support the Potrero Terrace & Annex in San Francisco, a HOPE SF site, and Jordan Downs in Los Angeles. These projects will transform dilapidated public housing into vibrant mixed-income communities, with programs and services.

Bayou District Foundation

Location: New Orleans, LA
Project: Columbia Parc
BDF will use EQT financing to support its revitalization of Columbia Parc in New Orleans. The project includes mixed-income housing, a health clinic, a high-quality early childhood education school and a planned K-8 charter school.

The Community Builders

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Project: Avondale Town Center
The Community Builders will use EQT financing to support its revitalization of Avondale Town Center in Cincinnati. The town center project includes construction of new affordable housing and retail space, and the renovation of two multifamily housing developments.


Have a question about EQT or want to see if your organization could apply for EQT financing? Please contact:

Rachel Bluestein, Vice President, National Programs, rbluestein@liifund.org