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About Community Servings

Community Servings is a Boston-based nonprofit that has been delivering nutritionally appropriate, scratch-made meals to critically ill people and their dependents at home since 1990.

LIIF provided flexible financing to Community Servings to expand their reach from around 2,000 to over 5,500 people, 92% of whom are low income. Funding also allowed the organization to expand its nutrition education classes and double its culinary job training program for those who face barriers to employment, including the formerly incarcerated.

Community Servings is a deeply rooted community innovator. The organization buys produce from local farms, which in turn supports their culinary training program, food education outreach work and meal delivery model. This healthy food-as-medicine approach reduces health care costs up to 16%, according to a recent study published in Health Affairs. As a result of this study and others like it, five local health insurance companies have lined up to reimburse Community Servings for meal costs for their chronically ill members.

The need for healthy, low cost food options in this region is significant. Community Servings operates in a USDA Low Access Tract where 20% of people receive SNAP benefits and 37% have high cholesterol. Going forward, Community Servings has partnered with Harvard’s Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation to expand their Food & Nutrition Policy Center and grow the medically tailored meal model statewide.

Project Details

7,000 people receive medically tailored meals annually
83% of culinary trainees placed in jobs
$10 million New Markets Tax Credit allocation
$3.25 million Healthy Food Financing Initiative loan
  • Nonprofit Finance Fund
  • PNC Bank
  • Property and Casualty Initiative

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