Education Policy

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LIIF is an advocate for increased resources for financing and technical assistance for high-quality public charter schools, which have emerged as a promising alternative to some traditional public schools in underserved neighborhoods. Lack of access to facilities is cited as a primary barrier to expansion for many high-performing charter schools. These schools do not have access to many of the traditional public funding mechanisms available to other public schools, such as a dedicated stream of capital funding and the ability to levy taxes. This puts charter schools at a distinct disadvantage in making operational and facility enhancements.

As part of our policy efforts to support high-performing schools, LIIF chairs the Charter School Lenders’ Coalition (CSLC), a national organization of community development groups supporting policies that benefit charter schools. Through its leadership of the CSLC, LIIF is working to ensure that low-wealth communities have access to high-quality schools to expand opportunities for thousands of children.