Capital for TOD

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LIIF’s transit-oriented development (TOD) program invests in projects that place affordable housing and vital community services close to accessible transportation. LIIF uses its expertise in leveraging public and private dollars to provide borrowers with innovative financing solutions that address the unique and complex challenges of TOD projects. LIIF also has experience using New Market Tax Credits to finance certain portions of TOD projects. Read below for our products supporting equitable TOD projects.

For more information about our equitable transit-oriented development work, read about our TOD Program.

TOD Products

Revolving Loan Fund

Through its RLF, LIIF provides acquisition, construction and term financing for affordable homes, schools and other community facilities serving low income communities. Projects that are part of equitable transit-oriented developments may enhance the borrower’s profile and eligibility for financing. For more information about our financing terms, visit our Affordable Housing Community Capital, Education Community Capital and Child Care Community Capital pages.

New Markets Tax Credits

LIIF uses its allocation of New Market Tax Credits (NMTCs) to support projects that bring economic development and community services to low income neighborhoods. LIIF has successfully used NMTCs to finance portions of equitable TOD projects.
More information about New Markets Tax Credits for TOD

Bay Area TOAH Fund

LIIF is working with five partner CDFIs to provide financing through the $50 million Bay Area Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing (TOAH) Fund. This groundbreaking effort will provides acquisition and predevelopment financing for affordable housing developers and focus exclusively on bringing the benefits of equitable TOD to low income communities.

For more information about the Bay Area TOD Fund, visit or contact Maygen Moore, Director, National Lending Initiatives,