Bay Area Multifamily Fund

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The Energy Upgrade California Bay Area Multifamily Fund (BAM Fund) provides up-front capital and technical assistance to help multifamily affordable housing owners retrofit their properties. Through the BAM Fund, building owners across the nine-county Bay Area can access affordable loans to pay for energy efficiency upgrades and use savings from the retrofits to make repayments.


  • Increased energy and water efficiency for buildings and residential units
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

How the BAM Fund Works
Owners receive free energy audits to determine what retrofits make sense for their property. LIIF worked with Enterprise Community Partners and the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing to develop a set of Energy Audit Protocols for multifamily housing to guide the program’s audits. These protocols will be used for all multifamily properties participating in the Bay Area Multifamily Fund.

Based on audit findings, BAM Fund administrators will create a customized financing package that supplements a building owner’s existing resources and covers the costs of the project retrofits. Upon completion of a retrofit, the fund provides quality assurance and verification inspections, as well as tenant and staff education and training, to ensure owners can maximize their utility and cost savings.

Affordable housing developers and owners in the nine-county Bay Area seeking to retrofit existing buildings to make them greener, more efficient and less costly are eligible.

BAM Fund Overview
Multifamily Housing Energy Audit Protocols


  • Enterprise Community Partners
  • San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing