Year-round Regional Farmers Market Planned for Broome County

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LIIF is providing financing to Broome County for the construction of a permanent farmer’s market in a public park in Binghamton, NY. As part of LIIF’s New York Healthy Food & Healthy Communities (HFHC) Fund, the project will provide a consistent and permanent source of fresh produce to a surrounding community that currently lacks access to nutritious, affordable and locally produced food.

The funds will be used to upgrade an existing temporary farmer’s market. The new market will be housed in a 8,000-square-foot building that will have space for 36 local vendors. The project has received additional support from organizations throughout New York State, including the Broome County Farm Bureau.

Broome County Legislator Steve Herz notes that “This farmers market will provide our community with what was so great years ago — fresh, farm-raised produce — and it will provide a much-needed boost to our agricultural sector.”

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Source: Binghamton New York News