Transit-Oriented Development Helps Economic Growth

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Arlington, Virginia, and the Ballston-Rosslyn transit corridor offers one of the country’s most prominent examples of successful Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) policy that have spurred economic growth and community revitalization. Drawing on the Arlington County project, the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping American cities and towns more efficient and successful for the long-term, released a recent article highlighting the community benefits of the smart growth planning approach. Presenting details featured in a new LIIF paper co-authored with Morgan Stanley Global Sustainable Finance, “How Transit-Oriented Development Can Help Get America to Work”, the article summarizes the economic growth that can occur when community development planning occurs in consideration with public transportation. Following a redevelopment strategy based around five metro stations, the Arlington transit corridor has thrived, creating 50,000 new jobs and doubling the regional population.

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Source: Partnership for Sustainable Communities