Searching for the Silver Lining in Financing Equitable TOD

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Over the past two decades, transit-oriented development (TOD) has emerged as a powerful tool for creating liveable communities with access to public transportation. More recently, equitable TOD, which prioritizes social equity by integrating affordable housing, community services and increased access to jobs in TOD projects, has been gaining greater attention from leading voices in the affordable housing and TOD fields.

Mariia V. Zimmerman, Principal at MZ Strategies, recapped a recent Living Cities-sponsored webinar on TOD financing challenges and opportunities in a post on Living Cities’ blog, The Catalyst. Brian Prater, LIIF’s Senior Vice President, Strategic Development and Corporate Affairs, led the webinar with Melinda Pollack of Enterprise Community Partners to examine approaches for making equitable TOD easier to finance and build. Using four regional case studies, LIIF and Enterprise highlighted the key components of the equitable TOD financing gap and the variety of strategies local partners can use to fill it.

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Source: Living Cities: The Catalyst Blog