Partners in Progress Assists Growth of Flushing, NY Community Developments

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Last week, the Flushing 2015 Community Building Initiative was announced by Asian Americans for Equality. The project aims to provide the community with more than 1,000 units of affordable housing in ten years, and 1,000 jobs in five years. In 2014, Partners in Progress – funded by Citi Foundation and LIIF – began scoping this project through a survey within the Flushing, NY community. Findings highlighted the community’s need for more affordable housing and support for small businesses. The new initiative will address these issues, and allow the Flushing community to thrive under increased community growth.

Partners if Progress was created to advance economic progress in low-income communities. It is aimed at transforming not only the community development field, but also the lives of people across the country. LIIF is proud to work alongside Citi Foundation to foster a more collaborative environment for community organizations to address the needs of their residents.


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