Northside: Spartanburg Follows Atlanta Redevelopment Model

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A team of community stakeholders in Spartanburg, South Carolina are poised to begin a revitalization project aimed at transforming the city’s Northside neighborhood, one of the most troubled in the city, into a healthy and thriving community. City leaders intend to apply the lessons from Purpose Built Communities’ successful transformation of the East Lake neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Spartanburg’s Northside redevelopment project hopes to learn from East Lake and other successful holistic community development projects to catalyze and accelerate its own revitalization initiatives to improve the social, economic and physical health of the neighborhood.

As Nancy O. Andrews, president and CEO of LIIF notes, “Only 10 percent of human health is the result of medical interventions. The rest of it comes from your environment, largely your community.” Purpose Built Communities is consulting with Spartanburg on the project.

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Source: Spartanburg Herald-Journal