New Nojaim Supermarket

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October 7, 2014
For Immediate Release

New Nojaim Supermarket

SYRACUSE’S OLDEST GROCERY STORE is now its newest supermarket. Nojaim Bros. Supermarket, located at 307 Gifford Street in the Near Westside of the city, has just completed a $2.65 million rebuild of their facility that encompasses literally every aspect of the store, inside and out.

The project was made possible by funding provided by the Regional Economic Development Council, the Low Income Investment Fund and the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group.

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Kenneth Adams said, “The New York Healthy Food and Healthy Communities program is providing projects like the Nojaim Brothers Supermarket the support it needs to expand and grow. The supermarket’s expansion is not only revitalizing Syracuse’s Near Westside neighborhood and retaining dozens of jobs but is also spurring innovative new programs that encourage healthy eating and living, leading to improved quality of life and economic growth.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Empire State Development, The Food Trust, and the Low Income Investment Fund on this transformational project,” said Margaret Anadu, managing director in the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group. “Not only will Nojaim’s expansion encourage holistic health improvements through the use of innovative technology, it will also serve as an anchor for economic improvement in the Near Westside neighborhood.”

“Nojaim Brothers Supermarket is so much more than a grocery store. It is a community hub, an innovator in addressing public health and a symbol of the future of a revitalized Syracuse. The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) is proud to have invested in this project through the New York Health Food & Healthy Communities Fund and the national Healthy Food Financing Initiative,” said Nancy O. Andrews, President and CEO of LIIF. “To achieve its mission of supporting healthy families and communities, LIIF seeks to invest in integrated, locally-driven projects like Nojaim Brothers Supermarket that improve neighborhoods and the quality of life for all residents.”

“We congratulate Paul Nojaim’s work to expand his grocery store’s offerings of local, fresh foods to better serve residents in his community. This success shows how public-private partnerships can be a powerfully effective tool in increasing healthy food access to New York’s underserved residents,” said Yael Lehmann, Executive Director, the Food Trust.

Nojaim Bros. has served the Near Westside neighborhood for 95 years and has been an anchor through years of decline. The neighborhood is experiencing a rebirth as part of a nationally acclaimed revitalization led by the Near Westside Initiative.

“We are proud of our history and commitment to this community and look forward to serving our existing customers and welcoming new ones who are discovering what a jewel this neighborhood is,” Nojaim says.

The new Nojaim’s continues its services to the neighborhood and has expanded into e-commerce with their partnership with the 2013 CNY Startup Labs winner The partnership will allow Nojaim’s to capitalize on the emerging downtown market and college students.

The official Grand Reopening of the supermarket is scheduled for Wednesday (Oct.8) at 2 p.m.


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