Moving from Poverty to Prosperity: An Integrated Approach to Community Development

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The latest U.S. Census Bureau figures show that roughly one in six Americans, or 46 million people, are living below the official poverty line. This is the largest number of poor Americans since the bureau started keeping track of this measure in 1959. In a commentary for Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, a leading non-partisan forum on poverty, LIIF president and CEO Nancy O. Andrews and David Erickson of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco call for a holistic approach to addressing poverty and helping struggling families and neighborhoods. In the piece, Ms. Andrews and Mr. Erickson describe promising models, like Purpose Built Communities and Neighborhood Centers Inc., that are changing lives through multi-faceted strategies to community development. The article goes on to identify several recommendations for new community development practices that will better respond to the challenges faced by low income families and communities.

Recently, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and LIIF released a book about the community development field, Investing in What Works for America’s Communities: Essays on People, Place and Purpose.

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Source: Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity