Modern-day Robin Hood applies business skills to philanthropy

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In a segment on 60 Minutes, Paul Tudor Jones, founder of the the Robin Hood Foundation, discusses how he uses his approach to investment in the business world to tackle poverty in New York City. The Robin Hood Foundation has given away nearly $1.25 billion since its founding 25 years ago.

The piece features LIIF’s borrowers, including Part of the Solution and St. John’s Bread & Life, both multi-service agencies in New York City. The foundation also currently supports more than 80 schools, including Excellence Boys Charter School, part of the Uncommon Schools Network. LIIF has invested in other high-performing Uncommon Schools, such as North Star Academy Charter School in Newark, New Jersey and the Troy Preparatory Charter School in Troy, New York. Financing from LIIF enabled both schools to expand enrollment capacity, renovate facilities and support new instructional staff.

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Source: CBS News