LIIF Funds New Affordable Child Care Center in Berkeley

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This past September, Nia House in Berkeley celebrated their grand re-opening with a new and expanded facility financed by LIIF.

This highly in-demand Montessori school has a mission to bring together children from different socio-economic backgrounds to grow and work together, but was previously limited by the size of its facilities. In 2011, Nia House Learning Center had a waiting list of 200 families. Through grant funding and technical assistance from LIIF, Nia House was able to negotiate with the City of Berkeley to obtain an adjacent parcel of land, increasing their capacity by 34 to serve a total of 84 children. This project provides critical child care capacity for low-income families in the East Bay; 37% of students at Nia House receive tuition scholarships, with 10% receiving full financial aid.

One parent said of the expansion, “Before our son got in, we were on the waiting list for three years. I feel like I won the lottery because my son got in. So the expansion to me just means that more families will win that lottery.”

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