How Can We Give Children the Best Chance to Succeed?

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Sometimes health investments are hidden in plain sight. LIIF President & CEO, Nancy O. Andrews, released a new blog post describing how LIIF came to discover its role in promoting community health and how we continue to find innovative ways to partner with the health sector.

“Reflecting on where we’ve been, we should now be convinced that the old debate about whether community development pursues people- or place-based strategies is over, and both sides have won… We don’t need to change our work; we change how we do it, by intentionally designing projects and systems-level strategies that improve people’s lives. More specifically, we need to translate the lessons of the recent knowledge revolution into practice—and ensure that all children have a chance to live in a high-opportunity neighborhood that will give them the best chance to succeed in life.”

The article details what it takes to invest in our children’s health and how doing so will make our communities thrive.

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