How Can We Better Connect Low-Income People to Opportunity

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Over the last year, LIIF and Enterprise have partnered with the Living Cities’ “Connect” Initiative to explore the state of equitable transit-oriented development (equitable TOD) activities in four core regions: Denver, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle. In a new post from Living Cities’ blog The Catalyst, emerging equitable TOD strategies are explored as part of the new initiative.

Through this work, LIIF, Enterprise and Living Cities have launched a number of new tools to help ensure that low income people and communities are connected to regional opportunities, including good jobs, housing, education, and services. From collaborative regional workshops to in-depth research, these new strategies seek to promote equitable TOD in communities across the country where low income individuals face challenging access and connectivity to job opportunities and essential community resources.

Read more at Living Cities’ blog, The Catalyst

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