Housing Partnership Network Releases New Recommendations

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Detailed in a new report, Lessons of the International Housing Partnership, Housing Partnership Network provides recommendations for enabling the expansion of affordable homes that will allow communities to thrive. The report distills lessons learned from exploring international exchanges, in addition to a series of American case studies.  LIIF’s Capital Magnet Fund grant is featured in the report. Our projects within this fund provided critical early-stage financing for affordable housing developments in California.

HPN’s five policy recommendations aim to expand the role of social enterprises in the U.S. system for affordable housing:

  1. Expand the Capital Magnet Fund
  2. Prioritize preservation and stock transfer to high capacity nonprofits.
  3. Use a portfolio model for multifamily housing preservation.
  4. Make housing a platform for improving communities and building assets for residents.
  5. Improve access to affordable homeownership.

More than three quarters of Americans currently eligible for housing assistance do not receive it. A long term solution to this issue can be addressed by enhancing the connection between nonprofit missions and private business discipline.


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