Greening California: LIIF Supports an Award-Winning Housing Development, a City Garden and a Greener Child Care Center

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LIIF is working to make communities greener, healthier places to live, learn and grow. Below are selected highlights from LIIF’s recent green work in California.

  • Wakeland Los Vecinos, a LEED-Certified Platinum, 100% solar-powered affordable housing development in San Diego, received the PBCB Golden Nugget Grand Award Honors for Green Sustainable Community of the Year and the San Diego Gas & Electric Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Award. LIIF provided $1.1 million in financing for the project. After one year of operation, residents at Los Vecinos are saving $600-$1000 per family per year on utility costs.
  • In June, New City Public Schools (New City) broke ground on the New City Farm in downtown Long Beach, California. The working farm will be integrated into New City’s science and health curricula. LIIF provided $5.7 million in financing for New City Public Schools to acquire and build out its new green school site.
  • LIIF’s California Preschool Energy Efficiency Program (CPEEP) recently provided Step One School in Berkeley with a grant for free energy efficient lighting upgrades. In a thank you letter, Sue Briston, Executive Director, noted that Step One will be able to use the money saved through CPEEP on “new classroom furniture, sand for the play yard, or organic snacks and treats.”