Community Development Leaders Collaborate in New Book

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A new book published by LIIF and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Investing in What Works for America’s Communities, examines the current landscape of antipoverty efforts in America and offers innovative ideas and proven solutions to rebuilding America’s struggling communities. The book offers insight from leading experts in the fields of community development, academia, government policy, health and philanthropy.

Affordable Housing Finance recently reviewed the contributions of the book and spotlighted the timeliness of the project release. Bringing attention to the diverse collection of essays by experts in the community development field, Nancy O. Andrews, president and CEO of LIIF stated that, “Poverty affects us all, regardless of where we live―it’s not just a housing problem or an education problem or an employment problem. It’s all of the above and more.”

Through its holistic approach, Investing in What Works for America’s Communities serves as an important resource for those contemplating how to integrate people, place, and capital to achieve community development and personal growth.

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