CDFIs v2.0: The Vision of a New Generation

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Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) launched the CDFIs v2.0 initiative in 2010 to bring together young professionals in the CDFI industry to discuss the future of the sector. LIIF’s Associate Director National Strategic Initiatives and Senior Loan Officer Hannah Blitzer was selected as one of the 26 participants in CDFIs v2.0 out of a pool of more than 120 applicants. Ms. Blitzer served as one of three Team Leaders for the group.

One of the outcomes of the initiative was “CDFIs v2.0: The Vision of a New Generation,” a paper that considers industry can support and harness the ideas and energy of young and emerging leaders and move the sector forward. In the paper, the group identifies five ways in which the industry can increase its effectiveness and impact:

  • Strategically recruit new talent
  • Increase opportunities for training and advancement
  • Improve social impact measurement and collection
  • Collaborate and innovate to use resources more efficiently
  • Diversify capital sources and improve transparency
Download CDFIs v2.0