Better Together

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The health and community development sectors are natural partners to address the health and wealth disparities facing our nation. The two sectors already work in many overlapping and complementary ways, but moving beyond coordination to integration will require new ways of working from both sides. LIIF President & CEO Nancy O. Andrews and Director of the Center for Community Development Investment at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco David Erickson offer four areas in which these groups can better integrate their work in an article for Shelterforce:

  • Transform the next generation of federally qualified health centers.
  • Enlist the mainstream medical community.
  • Measure the health outcomes of community development programs.
  • Build a business model.

Read the full article at Shelterforce for more.

Ms. Andrews and Mr. Erickson participated in a webinar about the Shelterforce issue, “Are Our Neighborhoods Making Us Sick?” on Thursday, August 16, 2012. Listen to a recording and view the presentation here.

Source: Shelterforce