Bay Area Multifamily Fund Expands Footprint & Issues Audit Protocols

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Energy Upgrade California Bay Area Multifamily Retrofit (BAM) Fund is one of the first performance-based energy retrofit programs for multifamily housing and community facilities in the nation. LIIF is partnering with Enterprise Community Partners and the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing to provide $4 million in financing for energy and water efficiency retrofits to affordable multifamily housing developments and nonprofit-owned community facilities. The loans will be repaid through the owners’ savings on utility expenses.

Originally limited to San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland, the partners have expanded the BAM Fund’s footprint to support projects across the nine-county Bay Area. This broadened reach acknowledges the demand for the program beyond the initial scope of the fund and will allow the fund partners to collect a wider array of data across a range of geographic and building typologies.

The BAM Fund partners have also recently developed and released a set of Energy Audit Protocols for multifamily housing. These protocols will be used to assess appropriate energy efficiency improvements to the properties participating in the BAM Fund.

Download the Multifamily Housing Energy Audit Protocols