About LIIF

Since 1984, LIIF has invested more than $2 billion dollars and served more than 2 million people. Our investments in affordable housing, quality schools, health clinics and community facilities have generated more than $62 billion in social value.

LIIF’s mission is to create pathways of opportunity so that every person can live up to her full potential. Today, the places we live can determine access to the basic elements that enable someone to succeed: affordable housing, quality education, a good job and good health. LIIF has invested more than $2 billion to connect more families with these fundamental building blocks for life.

For us, capital is a critical tool to address the growing economic inequality in our nation, and we’re always striving to use it to create greater impact. From exploring outcomes-based financing mechanisms, to weaving together new funding streams that support integrated health and housing projects, we’re constantly learning and evolving to make our investments go farther for the families and communities we serve.

That’s why we’ve created the Just Good Capital blog—we see it as a natural next step in our efforts to advance a conversation about new ways to invest capital to create opportunity in low income communities.

This blog will serve to:

Lift up big ideas about how we can help every person live up to their full

Spotlight creative, impactful, real-life examples of how capital and resources
are being put to work on the ground.

Explore and uncover emerging trends, approaches and data with an eye for where
our field should go next.

Provide space for learning, sharing and discussion so that we can all do
better, together.

We welcome and encourage you to join us in furthering the dialogue around how we can become more evidence-based and outcomes-driven. Please submit your ideas, strategies and approaches to us here.

To learn more about our programs and financing, visit us at www.liifund.org.