Our Shared Future & Renewed Commitment

Low Income Investment FundNovember 17, 20160 Comments

We each want an opportunity to live up to our full potential and for our children to live in a better, brighter future. The recent election has raised serious questions about how we fulfill this promise amid deep ideological divisions and growing economic and social inequality.

At the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), we believe this is a time when our mission and purpose mean more than ever to the people and places we serve. As a nation, our futures are tied together and our mutual success depends on every person being able to contribute his or her best. For more than 30 years, we have worked to tackle poverty by bringing people together in partnerships where everybody wins.

Today, we are proud to release our 2016 Annual Report, Imagine. Invest. Empower., which shows what’s possible when work together. It showcases the projects, programs and initiatives that are helping individuals to live up to their highest aspirations and entire communities to lift themselves up. From healthy foods at Avondale Meadows in Indianapolis to high-quality education for Washington, DC’s adults and special needs children, these projects have made immediate and lasting impact in their communities. Last year alone, LIIF’s projects served more than 200,000 people, supported 12,000 jobs and created nearly $4 billion in long-term societal benefits.

Still, we recognize how much more needs to be done. That is why LIIF continues to find new ways to deepen and expand our work. This year, we launched a new capital product, Equity with a Twist (EQT), to invest in integrative, outcomes-based approaches to poverty. We are a partner in a new national initiative, the Strong, Prosperous, and Resilient Communities Challenge (SPARCC) that aims to transform the way we invest in cities and regions to create more just economic, health and environmental outcomes.

This is a time when our mission and purpose mean more than ever to the people and places we serve

In a challenging time, we are reminded that our driving purpose is to expand the opportunities available for everyone. LIIF is committed to the idea that we all have something to contribute to making our nation a stronger, more perfect union. By tapping into the ideas, assets and know-how in every community, we believe we can give more kids a chance to realize their dreams, make more neighborhoods vibrant and healthy and create a stronger economy for all.

In the coming weeks, LIIF will launch a three-part blog series that dives deeper into some of the projects highlighted in this year’s report. We encourage you to bookmark this page, as updates will be made as each feature is released.