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LIIF is a community development financial institution (CDFI) that provides innovative capital solutions that support healthy families and communities. As a CDFI, LIIF invests in projects that have high social value but may not be able to access the services offered by traditional financial institutions. In this way, LIIF connects low income communities with the capital markets.

LIIF organizes its work through the following strategies:

LIIF’s programs work together to create a comprehensive approach to community development based on a vision for healthy communities – green, economically vibrant places, where people live, learn and grow to their full potential.
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LIIF provides flexible, affordable financing solutions through a wide range of products, including loans, grants, New Markets Tax Credits and technical assistance.
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LIIF invests in projects that provide opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty, such as affordable homes, high-performing schools and quality child care. We encourage you to browse through our projects to learn more about our work, our dedicated community partners and investors and the incredible people we serve.
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LIIF enhances its community development impact through federal, state and local policy efforts. LIIF’s public policy work is the key to taking our impact to scale.
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How We Do It

LIIF is a financial intermediary that helps bridge the gap between low income neighborhoods and public and private capital sources. LIIF differentiates itself though its innovative and collaborative approach to community development.
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