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The New York Healthy Food & Healthy Communities Fund can assist for profit, nonprofit or cooperative food markets that are located in underserved areas in New York State. An underserved area satisfies both of the following criteria:

  • Low- or moderate-income census tract (or a food market site with a customer base of 50% or more living in a low-income census tract)
  • Census tract with below average food market density

Please use the Household Income Map below to determine if a particular address falls within a low- or moderate-income census tract. Note that a low- or moderate-income address does not guarantee project funding through the New York Healthy Food & Healthy Communities Fund; many additional factors, such as food market density, will be considered during the eligibility review. Further, a project that does not fall within a low- or moderate-income area but whose customer base lives primarily in low-income census tracts is encouraged to apply.

As outlined in the Program Guidelines, projects must also accept SNAP benefits and WIC (with some exceptions), meet minimum retail square footage criteria and achieve at least three additional goals to be evaluated for financing. The Program Guidelines can be found here.

To Use the Household Income Map:

  • Type an address, city, county or zip code into the yellow search bar above the map.
  • If the selected address falls within an area of the map that is shaded in light or dark purple, then it qualifies as low- or moderate-income.

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